Hello...... and welcome to the visible portion
of the Bernie Gates Shavers' Net


It will be best to listen, as usual, on 3610 KHz, or 7105 KHz
and enjoy the conversation as you would on a normal Thursday to Saturday morning.
However, you will also be able to see anyone who connects on the Zoom page.

If you use a laptop, we will see you. If not, you will need a USB camera to be visible.
You will be muted on the Zoom page to avoid the confusion of feedback and echo.
You will be able to use the chat feature on the Zoom page and text with the group.

Thursday thru Saturday Mornings - 8:00 AM AWST

To connect, click HERE, and then on "Open Zoom meetings"

I don't think you will need a Passcode, but if you do, the number is 1111

How many nets have a visible portion simultaneously? Just 1. Is this cool, or what?

Christmas Morning 2021